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 We would be really grateful for any of our clients who have seen the benefits of any of our products - in particular the Burns or Natural Dog Foods, Dorwest Herbal Supplements and the Joint-Aid - to visit our web site to leave a review of these products so that others can benefit from their experiences.
Do you want a healthy and good looking pet but don't want to spend the earth? Check out the range from Applaws, Fish 4 Dogs, Natural Dog Food Company & Burns Pet Nutrition - not just very good foods at a very good prices but excellent hypoallergenic foods with no nasty additives! Less bulking agents means more goodness per measure and less to shovel up. You only feed 10g per Kg of weight of the average dog - 30%-50% less than many other brands. These are excellent quality foods formulated to provide all the nutrition your pet needs and avoiding ingredients and chemicals found in many other brands that often cause allergic reactions resulting in excessive scratching, nibbling and dry lifeless coats.
 Compare the overall cost per meal - NOT the price per bag!
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Incontinence? Try out the Dorwest Mixed Vegetable  ----  Irritable stomach?  Try out the Dorwest Tree Bark Powder>
Problems with joints or mobility - just try the Joint Aid - we have seen remarkable results - free sample available
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We are the Portuguese distributors for Applaws , The Natural Dog Food Company , Burns, Dorwest, Anglian Meats (Natures Menu) , Organipets, The Little Dog Laughed and GWF Nutrition
We do not normally take much notice of general comments on the Internet often made by individuals who may have a grudge or otherwise be generally uninformed but there is a lot of information out there which is factual so, read the following few links to give you an idea of what is being said and Google your own. Hidden out there are some really good snippets of information - a lot of which the Pet Food Manufacturers would rather the general public were not aware of.

The mainstream products supplied by Paws 4 Pets, such as Burn Pet Foods, have been researched quite thoroughly and we use them for our own pets - we know they are as good as we can get. Our research is continuing so that we can try to stay ahead of the pet food industry and not inadvertently provide products which are really not suitable for our pets. Some products in the wide wide world may keep your pets alive and their coats glossy - but your pet cannot tell you what hidden side effects there are and it can be difficult to see until it is too late!
Common Ingredients of Pet Food
Cellulose Fibre Comprising between about 56% to about 80% dry wheat gluten mix, between about 9% to about 28% liquid plasticizer mix and between about 8% to about 18% moisture by weight of the product. Recycled newspaper is a rich source of cellulose fibre.
Dry Pet Food Due to the reduced water content this food is more concentrated and easier to digest than wet (canned or pouch) food.
Approx 100g of the dry product has the same nutritional content as 400g of moist pet food.
They are cheaper: as these products are more concentrated, the portions are smaller (you are not buying 80% water as in the case of canned pet food).
It is more convenient: to transport, to give, to store.
They are recommended by 95% of vets: because of all these advantages and because of the beneficial effect on animal's teeth (they help to prevent a build up of plaque).
They are cleaner and more hygienic: the product does not deteriorate as quickly once the bag is opened and it has a longer expiry date than that of canned foods.
It looks better: the dry pellets as opposed to the meat of Wet Pet Food.
The pack sizes are bigger: Dry Pet Food is available for dogs in pack sizes of up to 10, 15, 20 kg. The biggest pack of Moist Pet Food is 1200g.
The smell of dog's waste is less disagreeable: due to the fact that they are easier to digest.
Natural Minerals & Vitamins Why does Burns Real Food contain synthetic but not natural vitamins?

Natural forms of vitamins and minerals are very unstable and consistency can never be guaranteed, this can cause large variations in nutritional levels. These large fluctuations can be detrimental to the quality of the food. The natural forms also have an unknown bio-availability and therefore specific levels cannot be guaranteed; they are also associated with undesirable substances for example heavy metals, which would be detrimental to the pet. The variability is too inconsistent for us to confidently use natural forms of vitamins and minerals.

The NRC (National Research Council) and AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) publish recommendations for the minimum levels of 17 vitamins and trace minerals that should be present in nutritionally complete pet foods. These figures are based upon deficiency and toxicity cases presented to vets, and some feeding trials. Natural ingredients, by definition, are very unlikely to contain consistent quantities of these nutrients (e.g. due to seasons, weather, soil type, etc) therefore, supplementation with exact quantities is necessary in order to prevent chronic deficiencies or toxicities.

Whilst it could be possible to reach the minimum levels necessary (using natural vitamins), the balance between nutrients is very important. For example, seaweed can contain high levels of magnesium which interferes with the uptake of zinc and copper from the diet. Also, in order to meet the minimum levels of less prevalent nutrients such selenium; you would need to add high quantities of seaweed, which could in turn lead to toxic levels of other nutrients, such as iodine.

Many vitamins found in nature do not survive the cooking process. For example, the natural form of vitamin E is delta-tocopherol but this is virtually destroyed with mild processing temperatures. Burns add alpha-tocopherol, which survives very well and is absorbed efficiently from the gut
A Brief Random Selection of What is on the Internet
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Guide to Nutritinal Requirements for Dogs
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