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Portuguese Water Dog Trials
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 Torre da Mosqueira  Albufeira Paws 4 Pets in Portugal
Mon-Fri: 09:30-18:00
Sat: 10:00-13:00, Sun: Closed
Tuesday 10/6/14 Open 09:30-13:00
We are the Portuguese distributors for Applaws , The Natural Dog Food Company , Burns, Dorwest, Anglian Meats (Natures Menu) , Organipets, The Little Dog Laughed and GWF Nutrition

Over the years we have had many pets - all of them were part of our respective families - and some of them were irreplaceable but they were always faithfull and we tried to return their love and affection by doing the best we could for them.

After trying our pets with Burns Real Food, we noticed positive results.
There were no allergies, their skins and coats looked fantastic and the animals loved it.
When asking about availability of the food in Portugal we were asked if we would like to import and distribute it which opened up a fabulous opportunity for us. So with both Trade and Retail outlets we can now provide the food that we feel is right for pets.
At our first trade show we had such a positive response and requests for other items, so we started a complete pet supply business and so Paws 4 Pets was born.

A few of our more recent friends are shown below together with some details of their problems


Old Englsh Sheepdog
Born 16th September 2008
- pictured at 6 weeks old.

Emigrating to Portugal in December 2008

Portuguese Water Dog pictured at 22 months old in May 2008
He's our Boy! He was shown at Crufts in 2008 (Reserve in Class) and has just won Best of Breed at a show in Portugal.
Portuguese Water Dog
pictured at 29 months old in May 2008
She's our Girl! She has been shown at Crufts in 2008 (Very Highly Commended) and is a Portuguese Champion as of May 2008
Qualified for Cruffts 2009

Old English Sheepdog
pictured in Feb 2006 at 2 years old
Suffered serious nervous 'twitching' presumably coincidently a few hours after receiving a new "spot-on" treatment in April 2006 and a couple of days after a new heartworm treatment. 24 hours on a drip and a week to recover! Still going strong in May 2008. Diagnosed with Tick fever in June 2008 but treated quickly and after many large antibiotic pills is now recovered.

German Sheepdog pictured in Feb 2006
Poisoned by pesticide residue in December 2005 and only quick trip to the vet kept her alive. No lasting effects.
Suspected poisoning again in May '06, overnight at vets.
Going very strongly in November  2008

Portuguese Rescue
Diagnosed with feline leukeamia in March 2006 and only likely to live for 3 more months. Still going November 08!

Portuguese Rescue
Diagnosed with feline leukeamia in March 2006 and only likely to live for 3 more months.  Still going November 08!

Very, Very large stray. First adopted Jan & Jim and would not stay the other side of 5 foot gate - just appeared to stride over it! - Taken in by Julie & Nigel rather than send him to rehoming centre. Very nice nature but a bit boisterous - eats anything and everything. Paws as big as plates and can get very muddy!

Our tributes to really special friends who will never be forgotten/span>
The have crossed the Rainbow Bridge  and are now waiting, pain free, to meet up with us once again
*** Another sniffer is the Rainbow on Indigo  site ***

Bearded Collie pictured in May 2006 at 12 years old
Died August 2008 from Kidney failure with a bit of old age too - over 14<years old.

Old English Sheepdog
pictured in Feb 2006 at 13 years old
Died 4th July 2008 after bone cancer - over 14 years old so a good age too.
Suffered from common breed condition of hip dysplasia since birth. Needed to be helped up stairs but ambled around but lost use of front left leg and right rear leg in March 2008 - needed to be carried around when required - normally at 4AM! Still wagged tail and was always on the lookout for food!

Bearded Collie
Lennie died in July 2005 at the age of 14 after many years of living with Addisons disease. His last weeks were spent connected to an intravenous drip with 24 hour cuddles and lots of tears. His last daylight hours were in the Garden under the shade of a towering Alfaroba tree with his drip suspended from the branches. Once again a ripe old age.

Read the moving article "Living with a Beardie" by Jan written in 2004

English ex-pat!
Sweep disappeared into the orange groves in January 2006 and was found dead a couple of days later under an orange tree after many hours of searching.
No cause of death was found but there are many perils in the countryside such as pesticide residues (see Jess above) and poisonous toads (Sweep had very bad poisoning episode a few months earlier which was attributed to playing with one).
He had spent 22 happy months wandering around in the Algarve at the end of his 13 years life.
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